Removal Defense: Defending Immigrants in Immigration Court, 3rd Ed., 2020
3rd Edition
Erin Quinn and ILRC Staff Attorneys

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“When I was starting in Removal Defense, practicing before the Immigration Court was this big unknown. ILRC's Removal Defense guide was like having an experienced practitioner on a shelf. The guide is written in an easy-to-understand manner and provides you with a step-by-step way to analyze a client's case. I especially appreciated the samples in the appendix and helpful tips spread throughout the book. I can't recommend this book enough to new practitioners wanting to try their hand at the sometimes daunting world of removal defense.”

Lauren Flores, Associate Attorney
Wilner & O'Reilly Immigration Lawyers - Orange, CA

“I use your resources when I’m stuck in a difficult situation and don’t know what to do. ILRC publications are very organized, clear, and easy to read. I start with the Table of Contents and from there know exactly where to go to find the information I need. In one particular cancellation case, I used the Removal Defense guide to help me craft my brief. This resource gave me direction, helped me create a roadmap, and enabled me to fill in the blanks, ultimately resulting in a win for my client.”

Tania Nemer, Immigration Senior Attorney
Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland

“The Removal Defense publication was the first that I purchased from the ILRC. I really like the quality of the content and samples included in the book. I do have a current case where I’m utilizing this resource, and it has been very helpful to me.”

Sheldon Eskin, Esq.
Law Offices of Sheldon J. Eskin – Glendale, CA