This webinar digs into how ICE operates and how local law enforcement agencies are really involved, so that we can demand strategic reforms. SComm is not the only way ICE gets information from localities, the Criminal Alien Program and 287(g) are also big players, as well as ICE’s broad access to various law enforcement databases and the growing surveillance state.  In order to fight deportations, we need to get a hands-on, granular pictures of how ICE is operating, how they are using detainers and warrants, what access they have to the jail, and how local police and sheriffs respond to various ICE requests for information and access. How does this change when you have an ICE detention contract or a 287(g) agreement? What are the important legal hooks, and what are the policy arguments and community strategies for getting local governments to stop doing ICE’s bidding?

If you are interested in accessing the recording, please contact Lena Graber, lgraber [at] ilrc.org.