The VAWA Manual, 8th Edition, 2020
Evangeline Abriel & ILRC Attorneys

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As someone who aspires to become an expert in VAWA, the ILRC VAWA Manual is a must. I really appreciate how easy it is to read through and the examples throughout. I've been a fan of the ILRC since I was a 3L, when I bought my first ILRC asylum book. I have never been disappointed!”

Kimberley Felton, Esq.
Attorney at Onward Immigration

“I used The VAWA Manual for a 21-year-old client whose father was the abuser, and did not apply for her. Within two minutes, I was able to find exactly what I needed that perfectly matched her circumstances. This manual is clear, concise and presented in a comprehensible style. There was a very favorable outcome for my client, and I’m thankful that I had this resource from the ILRC to guide me through the process.”

Priscilla Angenor
Angenor Law Office - Boston, MA

"After participating in an ILRC VAWA webinar earlier this year, I wanted to have a more detailed reference guide to deepen my understanding of the similarities and differences between VAWA and U Visa eligibility, benefits and processes. I purchased the VAWA Manual and have found it to be very helpful in this regard."

Kathleen Walsh
Building One Community - Stamford, CT